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Picture of Blue Flax flowers.Eligibility
  • Student self-identifies as First Nations (status or non-status), M├ętis, or Inuit.
  • Completed the VJKF Program (this scholarship will first be awarded starting 2023. Graduates from prior years are not eligible.)
  • Students are only eligible to apply in the year they graduate the VJKF Program.
  • Students must be in either grades 11 or 12 to apply.
  • Students must complete the scholarship application to be eligible.

Terms of Reference

The Verna J. Kirkness Education Foundation will offer up to 20 scholarships per year to graduates of the VJKF Program.

  1. Starting in 2023, up to 20 scholarships will be offered each year to students who complete the VJKF Program that year.
  2. An individual can only receive this once.
  3. Each scholarship will have a value of $500.
  4. Recipients must have participated in and graduated from one of our annual Programs.
  5. VJKF Student Alumni must enrol on our website as a Kirkness scholar and apply for this scholarship opportunity online or by sending in their application.
  6. Payment will be made when the awardee has begun attendance at a publicly funded university or college, within two years of successfully completing grade 12. (Approved post-secondary institutions: A copy of student’s university/college schedule will be required to prove enrollment.)
  7. Funds allocated to any of these scholarships that are awarded but not taken up within the allotted time frame will be returned to the VJKF general revenue.

How to Apply

Once you've completed the VJKF program (starting in 2023), you can apply for this scholarship opportunity. If your membership status hasn't been updated to a Kirkness Scholar by June 1st after you complete the program, please get in touch with us, so our staff can update your profile. Once your status has been updated to Kirkness Scholar, you can see additional dropdown headers under the "Apply Now" tab, which will show all the scholarships you can apply for.


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